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#wohnzimmer So organisieren Sie Ihren Badezimmerschrank #badezimmerschrank #ihren #organisi

Prosthetic Limbs Help Children

Parents whose children have lost an arm or leg often blame themselves for the loss. They may feel responsible for the accident or prenatal condition causing amputation. They may worry their child will never be able to have the same experiences as other children.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Modern prosthetics can help children with limb loss live a normal life.

Parents may have a lot of questions about prosthetic limbs, such as whether their insurance will cover it, or if there are alternatives available for those without insurance.

The answer is yes; most first-tier health insurance providers cover pediatric prosthetics. In addition, funding may be found among charitable foundations or from private donors who understand the whole new future a properly fitted prosthesis can provide.

Another question parents may ask is whether prosthetics can be functional but still have a realistic appearance.

The technology advances in modern prosthetics are remarkable, and myoelectric upper extremity prostheses are state-of-the-art. In the absence of a hand or arm, the child’s brain continues sending signals to grasp or open the hand in the residual limb. Myoelectric sensors can read these signals on the skin. A computer chip magnifies those signals, actuating a tiny powerful motor to accomplish the task. Many infants and children learn to open and grasp with their “myo” on command in a matter of days.

Pediatric Prosthetics Inc., a company specializing in prosthetics for children, is also employing advanced technology with lower extremity prosthetics to make them lighter, stronger, more comfortable and more responsive to the needs of active children. It is the first prosthetics company focusing solely on the needs of the children and their families. It now has strategic alliances with prosthetists in 21 states and is continuing to expand that network.

Linda Putback-Bean, founder of Pediatric Prosthetics, has been specializing in fitting infants and children for more than 20 years. She has also hosted summer camps and numerous support group meetings for families affected by pediatric limb loss.

Linda and her staff combine well over 50 years of experience fitting infants and children. She and her associates travel to their patients’ hometowns whenever necessary to ensure all the children get the personal care and support they require.

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